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Trish Andrews is a native of North Carolina, born and raised. Owner/Operator of Trish Andrews Fitness LLC. A private facility located in Charlotte, NC.
As an NPC two-time Masters Figure Competitor, she learned how to isolate muscle tone, as well as the nutrition side of fitness. She competed in the 2005 Metrolina and 2005 Carolina Clash. Trish placed 5th in the 2005 Metrolina and 3rd in the 2005 Carolina Clash.

With over 15 years of experience, she has been training male and female clients since 1997. Group training consisted of 8 to 10 people to a class at the Federal Reserve while on her lunch hour for anyone who wanted to participate.  Group training consisted of: Kick Boxing, Step, Body Sculpting, and core training.

As of 2003, Trish Andrews has been training one on one, and group sessions with male and female clients from the ages of 12 up to age 74. Personal training consist of upper and lower body strength training, core training, old school exercises, football drills, basketball drills, tennis drills, jump rope, sprints, etc...

Every client is not on the same level, therefore exercises and routines are designed for each individual to make the client feel comfortable while building stamina, muscle tone, energy, and confidence during their workouts.
Making sure that each client is given a meal plan so they can incorporate "Eating Clean" while they exercise so they can maximize their weight loss. Each client is held accountable for their weight, which is why all clients have had success in reaching their fitness goals.

Transforming and Sculpting their bodies and building the clients self-esteem is a major part of Trish Andrews Program. Designing Programs, Exercises, and Routines that are fun for the client is also a main factor as well.
Because Trish Andrews cares about all of her clients as well as the general public when it comes to Health and Fitness, she posts Fitness and Nutrition Tips on Facebook for people who don't know where to start, what to do, or those who can't afford a personal trainer. She believes in keeping everyone Fit and Healthy. Trish Andrews also does 2 minute Fitness Tips on "Aiming With Cannon Live" with Patrick D. Cannon on Old School 105.3 radio one.

Trish is certified through ISSA International Sports Sciences Association, CPR/AED and Resistance Training. Her motto is: Working out is the key to a healthier body and a way of life. So make it a part of yours. And always remember to Eat Smart, Exercise, Feel Better, Look Better.

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